• Is a fresh new education model that improves the way children learn through its unique methodology, offering innovative learning resources, teaching facilities and integrated technological advances, improves the way children learn.

  • Focuses on the needs, aptitudes and aspirations of individual pupils.

  • Is based on the fundamental concepts of the most highly recognized international educational systems (UK, USA, Australia, Northern Europe etc) and reputable best practices.

  • Is able to embrace any local educational system requirements.

  • Can assist participating schools in becoming part of a wider global learning community, sharing and exchanging knowledge, know – how and management.

  • Offers a sound, adjustable and comprehensive administration model that assists schools with their daily operations and improves their performance.

  • Is developed by a highly reputable and leading private school “Recognized for Excellence” by EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) based on the school’s 100 years of experience, know-how and research.


SoFIA® – Competitive advantages


SoFIA® deploys a balanced variety of teaching methods in order to enhance not only the learning experience but also to personalize learning and meet our objectives for every student.


These methods are able to considerably enhance the opportunities and professional learning environment of the teacher and create a dynamic and personalized learning environment for the student.


  • Delivers, achieves and certifies 21st century competencies;

  • Develops and enhances creativity and innovation;

  • Offers personalized learning;

  • Shapes students to become global citizens through local appreciation;

  • Helps achieve national and international awards;

  • Shares excellence and best practices through strategic partnerships and standardised procedures;

  • Is based on a certified model by EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management);

  • Enhances social responsibility themes;

  • Greatly supports & builds on the alumni involvement.

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