Successful collaboration

Sofia Education Experts is proud for another successful collaboration in the effort to support educators, school administrators and educational stakeholders all over the world. We were very happy to be involved in a great initiative of the SoFIA Non-Governmental Organization to support schools globally in assessing, redefining and improving their educational practices and their operational model.

In March and April 2021, our experts worked closely with the SoFIA NGO’s team in delivering a series of mentorship workshops to the principal of Alfred Nobel Rural school in Canelones, Uruguay. The institution is a small public school of 123 students and 6 teachers. We were honoured to meet Dario Greni Olivieri, the principal of the school. He is an extraordinary educator whose determination to see his school and students progressing has been an inspiration to all of us.

After having received the outcomes and data from the school-self assessment completed by the school Mr Olivieri, we helped him understand his objectives and areas of the school that need improvement. The principal shared the existing vision strategy and educational practices of the school with us after he had carefully thought them with the help of the SSA questionnaire. We returned a fruitful feedback how he, along with his teachers, can make change happen focusing on developing and making his vision known, professional development of his teachers and incorporation of Project-Based learning in their curriculum. The team from the SoFIA Education Experts, based on their broad experience in supporting schools, provided him with specific and attainable suggestions on how to handle the existing problems in his school.

Our team has planned for the upcoming months to further facilitate more schools in their pathway to improvement and excellence and we will be honoured to support their efforts.


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