Consulting & Mentoring sessions with Escuela Rural N 88 in collaboration with Varkey Foundation

SoFia in collaboration with the Varkey Foundation organised a series of Consulting and Mentoring sessions with Dario Greni Olivieri, principal of Escuela Rural N88. Escuela Rural 88 is a small, rural school of 123 students in the area of Canelones, Uruguay. Mr Olivery and his group of educators are doing an amazing job to offer their students a high quality of teaching and learning.

SoFia and Mr Oliveri discussed in great depth the vision and the mission of the school and identify problematic areas of the school life. After using the Self-Assessment Tool, Mr Oliveri managed to obtain a detailed analysis of the current state of the school as well as an clear idea of what areas that need improvement are a priority to him and his team.

After examining the outcomes of the assessment tool, the team from SoFia provided Mr Oliveri with personalised advice on what he could do to improve procedures in his school and offered him suggestions on what could change in order to have even further impact on students school life. ging from Your Wix Blog Dashboa

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