Bridge the Gap 2020

Access to K-12 education has never been equal around the world. Millions of students have difficulty in accessing a good and solid education.

In March 2020, COVID-19 amplified this issue as millions of students around the world stayed home with limited or no access to good education.

SoFia realised that the time has come to start discussing the current situation in Education and how it is going to develop and increase inequalities among students. We brought together a panel of experts to share their opinions on both the current state in Education but also what we can all do from now on to decrease inequalities in access to education.

At the beginning of the event,  Harry Patrinos, Practice Manager for the Europe and Central Asia for the World Bank defined the problem and explained how social distancing affected learning in 2020.

Nicholas Piachaud,Head of Advocacy and Analysis, Varkey Foundation focused more on the inequality in Education trying to pinpoint the what are the reasons behind the phenomenon.

Alexa Joyce, EMEA Education & Skills - Director - WW Public Sector Microsoft, spoke about learning management systems that can assist in the battle against inequality and presented the vision and the work of the Global Education Coalition

Stelios Christakos, Chief Education Officer, Sofia Education Experts, highlighted more teaching methodologies that amplify student engagement during remote learning and presented E-learning platforms and their role in the COVID-19 era.

Konstantinos Doukas, Founder and President of SoFIA – School of the Future International Academy, closed the event by summarizing the excellent points that the speakers made and by offering the School Assessment Tool for free to the educators that attended the event in an effort to help them identify their current strengths and weaknesses but also better prepare for the future challenges.

The event was an excellent opportunity to hear the opinions on an issue that the whole educational community has identified and each educator tries to handle on a daily basis.


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