SoFIA® - Concept


The concept offers a more holistic approach for the student but also for the educator and the parent.


The school, by using our Education Model, Administration Model,  and Innovative Practices becomes more:


  • Creative: By developing unique learning methods, our students become motivated through team activities and projects and bring out the maximum creative abilities of our educators and students.


  • Cheerful: Through a unique schooling environment the activities of each class are further developed through the playground motions, school adventures and experiential learning based cultural and athletic events.


  • Useful: By empowering students with the most appropriate skills and values, properly combined with knowledge acquisition, our students become better equipped to confront their demanding modern lives.


  • Effective: By achieving our objectives and effectively driving student performance, our students certify their life competencies and succeed in University entry. …thus resulting in a better learning experience.

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