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We organise consulting and mentoring sessions for school leaders and teachers in an effort to help them develop professionally.


We assist them in solving every day problems they face in their institutions.

We train teachers and educational stakeholders in the 21st century skills required in order to face the challenges of the digital era in education.


We also act as a hub in order to communicate problems and solutions to the problems that educational institutions face.

We believe in the power of teams! We work with institutions and organisations that share the same vision with us and we collaboratively try to assist schools in their effort to provide the future generation with the best quality of education.

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School of the Future International Academy

SoFIA® is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation that by using a unique, carefully designed, awarded and certified education and administration model,  supports educational organisations to achieve excellent academic and operational results.  

Education in the 21st Century


Education is a recognized priority, not only for governments globally, but also for society as a whole. It is the key to preparing a nation for the emergence of the knowledge economy and its increased demands for skills and human capital. Our roles change throughout life according to context and this is a fact.More than ever before there is an urge to focus more closely on the needs, aptitudes and aspirations of individual students, especially through constantly changing times where most educational models are being challenged. As changing social and economic conditions increase the need for learning, education globally changes, so too technological advances alter the way that we learn. Education is the route to equality of opportunity for all and can help people to release their potential not only during their time at school but also throughout their working lives. 


The SoFIA® Education & Administration Model is an evolution and synthesis of global best practices. SoFIA® is recognized as a world-class education and administration system while SoFIA’s key researchers and education experts are regular speakers in global and regional conferences in education innovation, one-to-one computing (1:1), pedagogical successful methodologies, ICT in education and other relative areas. SoFIA® has been presented, applied and tested, partly or fully, in many schools.


SoFIA® is based on international best practices, the concepts and specific modules of the model have been implemented in hundreds of schools around the world with successful results.

What SoFIA® (Services)


  • Site Surveys; SoFIA conducts educational site surveys that focus on benchmarking educational organizations with SoFIA’s best practices. This enables these organizations pinpoint the areas that need to be developed for maximum results.

  • Manuals; SoFIA has developed a series of manuals that serve as guidelines that support the educational and administrative model. These manuals depict not only the steps required to reach optimum results but also the relationships of the variables in order for stakeholders to comprehend the logic.

  • Best Practices; SoFIA calls for a number of best practices. These have been identified and stressed after considerable secondary and primary research has been undertaken. These best practices are shared with our partners as a benchmark towards success.

  • Training; SoFIA offers considerable practical training in key areas of the SoFIA model. This is undertaken with the use of manuals and key takeaways by seasoned education professionals.

  • Consulting; The SoFIA team along with a number of qualified members of the SoFIA team offer consultancy services in the field of school assessment & evaluation, educational set up, education delivery, administration, personalized learning and other areas of the education industry.

  • Accreditation; SoFIA offers extensive expertise in terms of how schools and educational establishments can become accredited in specific areas from ISO and EFQM quality requirements to specific language and programme quality accreditations.

Why SoFIA® 


  • Is a fresh new education model that improves the way children learn through its unique methodology, offering innovative learning resources, teaching facilities and integrated technological advances, improves the way children learn.

  • Focuses on the needs, aptitudes and aspirations of individual pupils.

  • Is based on the fundamental concepts of the most highly recognized international educational systems (UK, USA, Australia, Northern Europe etc) and reputable best practices.

  • Is able to embrace any local educational system requirements.

  • Can assist participating schools in becoming part of a wider global learning community, sharing and exchanging knowledge, know – how and management.

  • Offers a sound, adjustable and comprehensive administration model that assists schools with their daily operations and improves their performance.

  • Is developed by a highly reputable and leading private school “Recognized for Excellence” by EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) based on the school’s 100 years of experience, know-how and research.


SoFIA® – Competitive advantages

SoFIA® deploys a balanced variety of teaching methods in order to enhance not only the learning experience but also to personalize learning and meet our objectives for every student. These methods are able to considerably enhance the opportunities and professional learning environment of the teacher and create a dynamic and personalized learning environment for the student.


  • Delivers, achieves and certifies 21st century competencies;

  • Develops and enhances creativity and innovation;

  • Offers personalized learning;

  • Shapes students to become global citizens through local appreciation;

  • Helps achieve national and international awards;

  • Shares excellence and best practices through strategic partnerships and standardised procedures;

  • Is based on a certified model by EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management);

  • Enhances social responsibility themes;

  • Greatly supports & builds on the alumni involvement.

How SoFIA®  (Concept)


The concept offers a more holistic approach for the student but also for the educator and the parent. The school, by using our Education Model, Administration Model,  and Innovative Practices becomes more: 


  • Creative: By developing unique learning methods, our students become motivated through team activities and projects and bring out the maximum creative abilities of our educators and students.

  • Cheerful: Through a unique schooling environment the activities of each class are further developed through the playground motions, school adventures and experiential learning based cultural and athletic events.

  • Useful: By empowering students with the most appropriate skills and values, properly combined with knowledge acquisition, our students become better equipped to confront their demanding modern lives.

  • Effective: By achieving our objectives and effectively driving student performance, our students certify their life competencies and succeed in University entry. …thus resulting in a better learning experience.

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